When the indifference towards where the vegetables were sourced from seemed fatal in the peak period of COVID- 19 outbreak, we did some research, out of necessity and curiosity, about where the vegetables we buy come from. This revealed some shocking facts like the unbelievably long transit period between harvest and consumption, several touchpoints in the journey, the resulting compromised nutritional factors, and so on.

This incident left with us an idea that could attempt to change the picture on however little scale. It was soon brought into reality and our first vertical farm was built. 


Vibhav Borkar

Co-founder and Vertical Farmer

Berzisht Jalnawalla

Co-founder and Vertical Farmer

Devraj Salvi

COO and Vertical Farmer

Mahdiali A Dandawala

Assistant Vice President - International Sales

Riddhi Tanna


Nandini Borkar Sarangadhar



Ajay Bhalla

Global Strategy

Ramdas Iyer

Global Finance